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My job for the past three months has been to raise funds to stay alive. And I’ve done that through grants and loans and the PPP and all that’s. One thing that was good is that my 2020 business plan was to grow my online, direct to consumer sales. I wanted to grow it from 5% of my business to 50% and I wanted to do so to make sure that I don’t have these cashflow ups and downs that are natural in a resort-based economy when you’re wholesale.

So customer base are all in a resort based economy. I want direct to consumer to even out that on March 15th, I was in the middle of hiring in-house. Marketing staff. I was in the middle of a brand audit. I was in the middle of updating my website, Shopify and launching a more robust Shopify. And I was lucky enough to have a good friend who has a very fake following on Instagram, who called me and asked me what he can do to help.

And I said, you could help by posting. And my sales went from zero to like 10 grand in the first month.