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Our New Year’s Coffee Resolutions

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, this is a perfect time to reflect on the previous year, our shortfalls, and what we can improve on next year. It’s also a time to set new goals. As a coffee roasting company, our resolutions are mostly coffee-based. We think you might benefit from a few coffee resolutions, too.

Try Something New

We understand that it’s easy to get into a rut, especially with our favorite food or drink. Every morning we make the same coffee, day in and day out. Some of our employees spent years drinking coffee made from instant coffee powder, knowing full well that better coffee was available. If you’ve spent a little too much time with Ole Reliable, 2022 is the time for you to explore.

If you are a hot coffee purist, it may be time to try cold brew. While not quite the same as a hot cup of joe, there is still plenty to love about cold brew. It’s simple to make, high in caffeine, readily portable, and delicious. We love cold brew coffee so much that we made it simple with our Cold Brew Packs. These packs have all the same flavor as our traditional cold brew beans but inside of a biodegradable bag designed for optimal coffee extraction. No filtering required, just drop the bag, let it steep, and then pull it out and toss it when your cold brew is done.

Leave the Office Coffee Machine Behind

Like so many workplaces, you may have a crusty old coffee machine that whirs and dribbles away in the breakroom. Every time a pot is finished, someone brews a new one, with no clue when the pot (or the machine, for that matter) was cleaned. Judging by the dark seasoning on a few of the communal coffee pots I’ve seen, I’m guessing sometime in the Bush administration (H.W., that is).

Even if you have a newer machine, like a newfangled Keurig, do we really want to make coffee in a Keurig? Even ignoring the subpar brew, the plastic K-cups are an environmental plague. Drinking just one cup of coffee a day amounts to a trash bag of tiny plastic cups by the end of the year, each one surely making its way into the gullet of a pelican in the Gulf of Mexico. That makes roughly 250-350 choking pelicans by the end of the year, depending on whether or not you work weekends.

It is time to ditch the communal office machines in favor of a personal coffee. Our single-serving brew bags make this coffee possible. These teabag-style bags let you brew coffee in a single mug, thereby sparing you from the office machines. The brew bags have all the convenience of instant coffee, but with a better flavor and all the sophistication of a teabag. Did we mention that they are biodegradable? No more sad pelicans, as long as we’re around.

Invest in Great Coffee

This sounds like “spend a lot of money on coffee,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. “Investing” in coffee can be as simple as spending a few dollars on a Moka pot to brew your own espresso alternative at home. Similarly, a French press (which brews incredible coffee) can be bought for around $10. One of the great things about having coffee as a hobby is that it is inexpensive.

Besides a fancy pot, what are some other upgrades you can make to your coffee? If you aren’t grinding your beans at home, purchasing a grinder is a great way to ensure that the beans you buy maintain their freshness. Coffee beans begin to lose flavor and delicate aromatics the second they are ground. To keep that flavor sealed, you can buy whole beans, then grind them yourself when you need them. This also allows you to customize the size of the grind for your preferences.

Give Back

Our last resolution is to give back to our community. Coffee might be our business, but animals are our passion. We team up with programs and organizations that help animals get the love and care they need. So far, we have donated more than $50,000 to help save dogs. We hope you’ll help us! Each time you buy Hugo Coffee, you are giving to a company that supports animal rescue.

What will your resolutions be for 2022? And how can Hugo Coffee Roasters help you meet them? Will it be with our signature blends? Our innovative brew bags? Or perhaps our expert advice in some of our other blogs? We love to share the knowledge and passion that we use to create our rich blends so our customers can make premium coffee at home. It’s our goal every year to provide our customers with the very best coffee on the market.