Stocking Stuffers for Dog Lovers and Coffee Lovers

Are you unsure about what to buy for your favorite coffee-drinking dog lover this holiday season? 

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones can bring on stress, but the internet always comes to the rescue. There are so many unique products available that are sure to please even the pickiest human and canine recipients. 

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite stocking stuffers for dogs and the people who adore them to help you get started. 

So pour yourself a warm drink, get cozy, and read on to achieve seasonal shopping success. 

A Mug Full of Puppy Love

What’s better than a beautiful, handcrafted coffee mug? A handcrafted coffee mug with an adorable dog on it. This one supports dog rescue organizations, so it’s sure to make any dog and coffee enthusiast swoon. 

Dog Socks for Days

How about an advent calendar full of colorful socks that will put a smile on any dog lover’s face? These Christmas stocking stuffers are perfect to wear while lounging around with a cup of joe.

Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

Stocking stuffers aren’t just for humans. Pampered pups of all sizes will be pleased to receive a stylish sweatshirt to keep them warm on icy winter walks. We love the tie-dye options! 

Plus, therapeutic CBD for pets helps keep coats shiny, supports the immune system, and calms anxiety. Both your two and four-legged friends will appreciate it. 

Odor Eliminating Essential Oils

Essential oils can be calming for humans and pets, and are available in a variety of dog-safe scents. Your favorite dog enthusiast will enjoy diffusing a soothing blend while sipping a cappuccino with a side of puppy snuggles. 

The Cutest Magnetic Wine Charms 

Assuming your coffee and dog-loving friend also enjoys a good bottle of wine, these magnetic drink markers will come in handy at holiday gatherings. Irresistibly cute puppy faces remind guests to “paws” before they take a sip from the wrong glass. Each guest can choose the breed that represents them best. 

Stickers That Will Make Tails Wag 

Stickers are always fun stocking stuffers, and these dog stickers are perfect for cars, laptop computers, or reusable coffee mugs. Luckily they come in a pack of three, so there’s no need to choose. Dog lovers everywhere will be proud to show off their appreciation for the best four-legged friends around. 

The Ultimate Gift for Dog Loving Coffee Drinkers

Single-serve brew bags are the tea bags of the coffee world. Made for cold brew, these are filled with carefully chosen and sustainably sourced beans. The bags are 100% biodegradable and the complex blend of flavors will please the most sophisticated palate. Best of all, a portion of the profits goes to dog rescue groups!

For even more stocking stuffers for dogs and dog lovers, visit our shop. Your friends and family will love our mission to save dogs by selling great coffee.