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Coffee Cocktails with John

Good morning, everybody. John Lynn here from Hugo coffee roasters. I’m just skin to pop on today for a little bit, and we are going to make a coffee cocktail, super fun. So a little bit of backstory about how this cocktail came to be. I last night grabbed all the liquor from my liquor cabinet and went to the grocery store.

The only one that was open, um, We’ve had a really bad wind storm here in salt Lake and park city area. A lot of people still without power hope, they’re all doing good. Um, so we tracked down a grocery store was in power. We bought all of the mixers we could think of. And we had a coffee cocktail party with a bunch of my friends, which was really fun.

Got a little weird. That’s really good. It’s really nasty cocktails. Um, but this was one of the overall favorites. And I wanted to share with this one with you guys, because. Even though we’ve already had our first snow here in park city. Um, a lot of you who may be watching could be, I don’t know, an LA in record breaking heat.

Um, wish you guys the best of luck as well in California. Um, so this one is going to be a little bit summer driven still, even though we’re getting into the fall, dress me, we’ll do more than one of these coffee cocktail tutorials. And, um, as we kind of move into the colder seasons, we’ll pick up more on, um, Kind of those winter and more classic coffee cocktails.

So this one is when you can drink at the park, you know, uh, poolside still really refreshing quench that thirst quenching drinkable cocktail. Um, so the first and most important thing you gotta do is you gotta get the Hugo dog days cold brew. Um, You can purchase this on Amazon. Um, you can get it directly from our website.

Uh, if you’re local, there’s a few different places. You can pick this up and this makes amazing cold brew. We’re really proud of it. Uh, one of our more popular coffee offerings. Um, so that’s going to be the base of that a hundred percent, um, coffee cans in the, uh, right now. So, um, yeah, it’s really great for making cocktails.

Um, if you follow the instructions on the back of this bag, you are going to get a nice, strong, cold brew coffee concentrate, which is what we have right here, which is another thing is great for making cocktails. Um, a lot of times, you know, you’re trying to make something with coffee, espresso, martini, a lot of things that are going to call for espresso.

You don’t have access to an espresso machine. This cold brew concentrate is a great way to get some really good coffee flavor in there. That’s that’s really strong and won’t water down your drink too much and drama any of your delicious booze that may be going in there. Um, so that’s step one makes me, uh, Hugo coffee, cold brew.

Which we got right here. Um, and today we’re going to be making basically a gin and tonic. Um, we are going with a little bit of elderflower liquor in there with some cold brew. So the first thing we’re going to do is get your high ball glass. Um, unfortunately I don’t have all of the amazing bar stuff.

This is kind of what we just have around, uh, Hugo coffee roasters. So we had some shot glasses. We had a little rocks last year and a Mason jar. So that’s what we’re going to do. Um, we want to start with two ounces of gin. Um, in my opinion, booze is probably the most important part of your cocktail. So you want to get a really nice gin.

Um, I’m just a firm believer that you’re going to make a cocktail, you know, get something that you’re really gonna like. Um, you buy a cheap gin or a bad rum, something like that. And you can, um, I have a great cocktail that tastes nasty. So, um, get a nice, good quality gin, uh, local, if you can, we have some really great distillers here and we’re making some really good stuff.

There’s some good local gin, two ounces of that right into our highball glass or, um, Mason jar, whatever you got around, whatever you’re drinking out of at the time we have one ounce. Of our Hugo dog days, cold brew concentrate. Um, so this would make roughly two ounces of actual coffee. So it’s real strong and to go right in there.

And then we have a half ounce of our elder flower little core, and that’s going to go right in there, you know, St. Germain is going to be great for that. I’m going to go ahead, spoon frozen in the acts. Of course, that’s great. Get out of there as my stew or a beverage. I had lots of ice and he’s going to go ahead and kind of fill that glass up right there.

Then we’re going to go ahead and take her food. Give us a really nice skirt, you know? The max, like 20 times around the top 25, if you’re feeling frisky and, or back and forth action.

And there we go from here.

He they’ll key chain out to pop up in this, uh, tonic we have, um, finding the right tonic is really important. I realize for this cocktail, cause we went through a few different tonics. Um, you’re gonna want to look for something that’s not overly sweet. Um, a lot of the more generic tonics that I tried.

Didn’t seem to go that well with the coffee. Um, but there were a few that I really liked and really enjoyed that we picked up. Um, I think the favorite for this cocktail overall was the fever tree, uh, premium Indian tonic water. So I think you can find this in, uh, most of your, um, grocery stores around the country.

Um, but any kind of tonic that isn’t overly sweet is going to be really good for us. Um, and so from there, all we’re going to do. It’s poor. We’re gonna top this off.

And that is our elderflower cold brew gin and tonic. Really great cocktail, thirst, quenching, um, hanging out, outside, kicking it in the sunshine. This is what I want to drink Saturday afternoon. Um, and even though it’s 10:00 AM. Probably going to have to have a little, little taster, maybe even two, really good, really quality cocktail.

So it’s sweet. It’s refreshing. It’s bubbly. It’s great. Um, hope you guys enjoyed this little, uh, Coffee cocktail tutorial. We’re going to try to do more in the future and we’ll dive into a more of your classic coffee cocktails and some new inventions that my friends and I came up with last night. So be prepared so you guys later.

Bye bye.