Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Camping with your dog means you have a built-in hiking buddy to bring along on your adventures and will not complain (much).

But camping with a pet is not quite the same as camping with other people. There are different considerations and equipment you need to take into account. With a little planning, you and your dog will both enjoy the camping trip.

Here is everything you need to know about how to camp with a dog.

Research Dog-Friendly Campsites

Many campsites allow pets, but not all. Do not assume you can show up to any camping ground with your pet, and they will take you and your dog.

Avoid disappointment by spending a few minutes researching dog-friendly campsites before your trip. 

Find dog-friendly campsites in Utah (and other states) here. 

Check Campground Regulations and Guidelines

When camping with your dog, picking a dog-friendly campsite is not enough. You also need to be aware of every camping spot’s own rules and regulations around pets.

Most campgrounds will want you to keep your dog on a leash while outside your tent or RV. And all campsites ask you to pick up after your dog.

It is good camper etiquette to ask a fellow camper (in a loud voice) if they plan on picking up after their dog if you witness them not doing so. 

Schedule a Vet Appointment

This might not be necessary before a simple weekend camping trip in your local area. But if you plan on camping with your dog, often in different weather and terrain for a long period of time, it will not hurt to check that they are healthy.

If you are packing up the RV and hitting the open road with your pet for a long while, your vet might have some great advice.

Invest in an Elevated Pet Bed

You would not like to sleep on the cold, hard ground night after night with no cushion or cover, so it is unlikely your dog would too. Invest in an elevated dog bed for your camping trips so your dog can have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Lining it with a dog sleeping bag is a great idea too.

Pack the Right Equipment for Your Pet

You do not dress your dog in human shoes so you will need to bring the right camping equipment for your dog. Here are the essentials we recommend:

  • Enough food and water
  • Pup paw protectors
  • Pet first aid kit

As long as you keep your dog fed, hydrated, and safe, they will have tons of fun!

Choose Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

One of the best parts about camping with your dog is taking them on awesome hikes. But hiking with a dog is not like hiking with other people, and not all trails are ideal for them.

If you are in the Park City area, check out where to hike with your dog. 

Have Fun Camping With Your Dog

We hope you have lots of fun camping with your dog like we enjoy getting outdoors with our dogs too. 

If you love and appreciate the joy that dogs bring to your life, you might appreciate the work Hugo Coffee Roasters is doing to help dogs in need. Check out our mission to learn more.