Why Quality Roasting Makes the Difference

Did you know that, depending on your taste, your favorite cup of coffee can be made with between 60 and 180 coffee beans? The number of beans in a cup of coffee dramatically affects its intensity, which is why people enjoy a big range in the number of beans in different coffee drinks. Another thing that makes a huge difference is the often overlooked quality of the roasting.

This handy coffee recipe breakdown will look at how quality roasting can turn good coffee into great coffee. Keep reading to find out what kind of roasting to look for behind a bag of beans.

Why Quality Roasting Makes the Difference

Where Roasting Fits In

Coffee beans come from harvested coffee cherries. Producers process the beans out of harvested cherries and start by drying them out in an oven for between four and eight minutes.

After this, the beans get roasted, which turns them from green beans into roasted beans. Roasting is an essential step because it affects the flavor and the caffeine content of the coffee. There are five generally accepted “roast levels,” each with qualities that appeal to different kinds of coffee drinkers.

The Difference Quality Roasting Makes

Roasting coffee beans to a desired outcome is a unique skill. It requires the roaster to control the roaster within fractions of degrees but at high temperatures and specific time intervals. Many people do this at home using their natural senses, but professional roasters use roasting machines with controls and sensors that improve accuracy and control.

Roasting coffee quickly can make the coffee “fresh.” This means that more of the coffee’s flavors (fruitiness, nuttiness, etc.) are present in the recipe. Roast it too fast, and you risk burning the beans and destroying these flavors.

Quick roasting for flavor affects lighter roasts more than darker roasts. With darker roasts, the difference between a medium roast and a dark roast recipe is 5 degrees F or 2 degrees C. Roasting without a machine makes this distinction difficult to achieve.

Lastly, good quality roasting done by professionals guarantees consistency. Roasting machines make it easier to recreate the conditions of a good quality roast. This makes it possible for coffee drinkers to get their favorite kind of coffee every time.

Finding a Great Roaster

Roasting coffee well is a process with many complexities. If you want to source good quality roasts, the thing to look out for is a business with a passionate team.

Making great coffee involves sampling, testing, experimenting, and customer feedback. If a coffee roaster is passionate about coffee, they’re bound to work on all these aspects of the coffee business.

Buy Coffee That Helps

Roasting coffee is a key step in the coffee-making process. The roasting can make coffee more or less acidic and caffeinated. It can also affect the freshness or flavor profile of the beans.

Good quality roasting comes down to the accuracy of the roasting process. Professional roasting ovens aid this, but passionate coffee roasters best handle it.

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