Why We Support the Purple Paw Program at Nuzzles & Co

Have you ever heard of the purple paw program?

Claudia McMullin is the founder of this program, she founded a this free service to the community to temporarily house and foster the animals of domestic violence survivors. That way, they are able to leave dangerous and abusive situations without the fear of losing their beloved pets.

Keep reading to learn about how this life-changing program works, and how you can help!


Purple Paw has fostered or temporarily re-homed and cared for more nearly 200 family pets and helped nearly 100 survivors to safely leave their abusive environments. And, these brave individuals are free to move on without fear of retaliation towards their pets or themselves – or losing their fur baby forever.

All of the program’s services are free, including the pet’s veterinary care, boarding and training. Dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate the pets – both physically and emotionally, as many have been abused as well.

On average, pets stay with their foster family for two to three months. Though, some stay for longer if needed.

Once a domestic violence survivor has moved on to a safer situation, they are reunited with their fur babies, for a truly happy ending!


Unlike other programs for domestic violence survivors, we understand how essential it is to keep owners and their pets together. Purple paw partners with local domestic violence programs and shelters, law enforcement officials, social workers, and therapists to ensure safe pet placement and offer options for their human parents to move on from abusive environments.

In recent years, the program has expanded and continues to serve people in need throughout Utah. But, the goal is to continue growing and improving, offering resources for domestic violence survivors beyond the state’s limits.


Temporary dog shelters are few and far between. And, many domestic abuse survivors have searched for a place to leave their pets while they sought safe refuge and permanent housing – only to be turned away.

Purple Paw relies on safe and nurturing homes to take in these foster dogs for a short time, while their owners get back on their feet. This also ensures that the pets stay healthy, safe, and socialised during this challenging time.

Knowing that their loved one is in a stable and secure environment, not abandoned in a shelter, gives their owners peace of mind. And, knowing that they will be reunited with their furry friend soon may motivate them to make a life-saving change!


Now that you know a bit about the purple paw program, you’re probably excited to help out. Thank you for joining us in our commitment to save the lives of people and animals, and offer them a brighter future in safe and loving environments.

If you’re ready to get involved, click here. There are tons of different ways to help, from volunteering or fostering to making a small donation or helping out with our wish list. Remember, every little effort makes a difference!