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Our Mission at Hugo Coffee Roasters

To save dogs by roasting and selling fantastic, fair-trade, organic coffee. Our vision is to be the go-to coffee for animal lovers nationwide.

Quality Coffee with a “Paws”

Hugo Coffee Roasters works with coffee cooperatives worldwide, including locations like Colombia, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Brazil, Peru, and Uganda, to bring you high-quality beans for a delicious brew – every single time. The best part? We donate 10% of every bag sold to animal rescue organizations.

If you’ve ever purchased Hugo Coffee, you’ve helped us save dogs!

So far over:

Dollars Donated

Rescue Dogs Adopted

Coffee with a “Paws”

Good coffee and saving dogs. That’s what we do. And every time you drink a cup of Hugo Coffee, you’re saving dogs, too. 10% of profit goes to dog rescue!

Bundle and Save

Save money on your favorite roasts by bundling
First, choose from 12 oz. or 5 lb. sizes of our Whole Bean, Ground, or French Press Ground
Then, choose your favorite roasts
10% of profit goes to dog rescue


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