Tasting Notes on Your Favorite Hugo Coffees

For Hugo Coffee lovers, we know you love your favorite blend as much as you love your fur kids. After all, you’re helping rescue pups with every sip. But like a dog with his bone, we know how you are with your coffee. 

Once you’ve found the discerning flavor profile for your palate, there‘s nothing quite like enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of your favorite coffee. But do you know why you love what you love? Understanding the artistry behind creating various flavors and tasting notes that make up your morning cup lends even more satisfaction to every satiating drop. You’ll find that the tastes of each of our coffees vary widely based on factors such as the coffee bean’s origin, processing method, roast level, and the individual roaster’s expertise in bringing out distinct flavors. Those are just some of the reasons Hugo Coffee Roasters can offer coffee lovers a truly nuanced experience with each sip. So follow your nose as we explore the tasting notes of Hugo Coffee Roasters’ delicious blends. 

Tasting Notes on Your Favorite Hugo Coffees

Black Paw French Roast

Black Paw French Roast is a classic dark roast with notes of burnt sugar, dark chocolate, and baking spices that will make French roast fans’ tails wag. Our South American beans deliver a bold and intense cup of coffee every time. 

Bonafido Dark Roast

The full-bodied and complex flavors in Bonafido Dark Roast celebrate a blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans that pour creamy and balanced in every cup. Dark fruits and baker’s chocolate give this dog big mouthfeel and tannic acidity. 


Roll Over Breakfast Blend

Start your morning with Roll Over Breakfast Blend, a smooth and easy-drinking coffee sourced from Peru. Enjoy hints of maple, milk chocolate, and nuts as you sip your way through the morning.

Tasting Notes on Your Favorite Hugo Coffees

Howler Espresso

Robust and intense, Howler Espresso’s South American beans bring big body and aromas to your espresso drinks. Roasted specifically for espresso machines, you’ll find notes of toffee, sweet dates, and the chocolatey undertones of baker’s chocolate.

New Trick Light Roast

Full of personality, New Trick Light Roast is an edgy blend of Central American beans lightly roasted for the adventurous and learned coffee connoisseur. Drink in the bright acidity and sweet notes as much of the beans’ natural flavor and caffeine shine through thanks to the light roasting. 

Downward Dog Decaf

For coffee lovers who don’t love caffeine, Downward Dog Decaf brews up all the taste and ritual of coffee that’s been carefully roasted and run through a natural decaffeination process. Our delightfully strong decaf will leave you savoring the flavors of banana bread, molasses, caramel, and cocoa.


Sip and Savor Hugo Coffee

At Hugo Coffee Roasters, each of our coffees is carefully crafted to make coffee lovers sit up and beg for another sip. No matter what your flavor preferences are, there is a Hugo Coffee that is sure to please. Try a bag or activate your subscription today and experience the perfect pairing of tasting notes in every cup.