The Vision of Hugo Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasters are predominantly male, with only 24.2% being women. 

However, women are starting to break into the industry significantly. Hugo Coffee Roasters is a women-owned company taking the industry by storm and making a huge difference. 

Imagine how you would feel if you knew you were supporting and saving animals’ lives every time you took a sip of your coffee. If you love coffee and your fuzzy friend, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Hugo Coffee Roasters’ vision. 

Who is Hugo?

Now you’re probably wondering who Hugo is. Well, he is our rescue dog who has become the face of our coffee roasting company. We rescued him from an organization that is now called Nuzzles & Co. When times get difficult for our business, our passion for saving dogs, just like Hugo, keeps us going. 

Our Partners

We have worked with over 45 organizations that align with our morals and values. For example, Paws for Life is one of our partners that aims to end dogs’ homelessness.

Nuzzle & Co is another organization that we love to work with. We’ve been partners with them for some time now, and their work for stray animals is unmatched. We know firsthand the good that they do because we have spent hundreds of hours working for and with them. 

How You Can Help

It is difficult for small coffee roasters to compete with big-name brands. Your support means everything to us and to the animals in shelters and on the streets.

When you purchase coffee from Hugo Coffee Roasters, we donate 8% to 10% to an accredited animal rescue. Engaging with us through social media is a huge help, too. It allows us to reach more people and spread awareness.

By purchasing our coffee and supporting our brand, you help us achieve Hugo Coffee Roasters’ Vision. Every week hundreds of dogs find their forever home because of our efforts and your help.

The Future of Hugo Coffee

We want to help as many animals as possible while also still providing ethically grown, fair-trade coffee. We want to grow and expand nationwide.

Our vision for Hugo Coffee is for you to see our brand when you are walking into your local Whole Foods and Target. We want Hugo Coffee Roasters to be the number one go-to brand for animal and coffee lovers alike.

The Vision of Hugo Coffee Roasters

Hugo Coffee Roasters’ Vision

We have faced many challenges recently due to the pandemic and being a small business. The Hugo Coffee mission is what keeps us going. We want to make a difference, and we are, one bag of coffee at a time.

As we continue to grow, we keep Hugo Coffee Roasters’ Vision at the forefront of our minds. Shop here for coffee that not only tastes amazing but saves animals’ lives.