Hugo: The Furry Face Behind Our Brand

As you may have already noticed, we have a beautiful dog in our logo named Hugo. But you may wonder why we called a coffee roasting company after a dog and why that dog is so essential for us. Read on about our unique and intelligent furry friend. 


Hugo’s Foster Story 

Hugo was a backyard breeder’s puppy; the backyard breeder had pre-sold all the puppies but Hugo. When Hugo was transferred to Friends and Animals Rescue (One of our non-profit partners), he was only three weeks old. Three weeks is too young to be in a facility of any kind, whether a rescue or a shelter, because puppies are not vaccinated yet. It is dangerous for puppies to be in that situation, so rescues will then reach out to a foster network. 

Claudia saw that they were reaching out for this puppy; they said he was an English bulldog, and Claudia always wanted an English bulldog; so, she decided to foster the three-week-old puppy. When Claudia received Hugo, she noticed he was not an English bulldog at all. He was a mixed breed of a bulldog; he probably has more Petey from the Little Rascals and more American bulldog than English and French bulldogs. But Claudia loves bully breeds, plus Hugo was so cute, so Claudia couldn’t let anybody else adopt him. She decided to adopt him.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog but you’re not sure you’re ready to make the total commitment, fostering a dog can be a significant first step. You can care for a dog short-term and make sure it’s the right choice for you, and at the same time, provide a dog with all the love and support they need.


Hugo’s Personality Traits:

– Jackass* 

– Socially Awkward

– Energetic 

– Happy 

– Independent 

– Cuteness overloaded  

– Smart

– Loving 

– Goofy 

*As Claudia describes


Hugo and Ruby’s Friendship


Claudia had another dog named Ruby, who was super shy and afraid of people. The only thing that got Ruby out of her shell was Hugo. When Claudia adopted Hugo, Ruby fell in love with him and became his dog mom, she would be with people to be with Hugo.

Hugo almost got named Mudflats because if you look at his back, he has two mudflats, but in the end, they decided to call him Hugo. A perfect name for a dog who has a strong personality like him. 

When Claudia bought the coffee shop, she had just left her ten years as executive director of Nuzzles and Co. She decided to name it after Hugo since they have a special connection. People in the community know that she is a big animal rescue advocate and Claudia wants people to know that they can bring dogs to the coffee shop. 

Hugo’s Funny Tales


Hugo is a very energetic dog, and you can tell by looking at him. Hugo would escape in the neighborhoods, go to the neighbor’s garages, and eat all their dog food. After he would come home as if nothing had happened.  Shortly after, Claudia began to notice his stomach was bloated. Hugo is the kind of dog that won’t stop eating; he is entirely food motivated. Claudia didn’t know about his escapades until a neighbor asked Claudia if she could please stop her dog from going into his garage and eating his dog food! 

The Dinner Party


Claudia had a Nuzzles & Co dinner party at her house, and on that day, they prepared ribs and many other delicious dishes, including a lovely three-tier coconut cake made by her friend. While they were at the dining table enjoying their meal, they did not realize Hugo had swallowed the food left on the counter. He ate an entire rack of ribs by himself. What a feast Hugo had that day. 


Help Us Help Dogs!


There is so much joy to be had from becoming foster dog parents! Rescue centers are desperate to give dogs loving homes. With this guide, you’ll be a little bit more prepared to be a foster dog parent. And if you want to adopt a new friend for keeps, you can choose Best Friends Animal Society Utah or  Nuzzles & Co. to find the perfect pet. 

At Hugo Coffee Roasters, we also help rescue dogs every time you buy our coffee! With every online purchase, we are able to support small animal rescues throughout the nation. Check out our selection of craft coffee with a great cause.