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Coffee & Dog Blog

7 of the Most Common Coffee Gadgets for a Perfect Cup of Coffee

How do you make coffee? The answer is that it depends on what kind of device you have to make it. If you are just beginning to experiment with making coffee at home, you will have to purchase a brewing device. We took the time to outline some of the most popular...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Hugo: The Furry Face Behind Our Brand

As you may have already noticed, we have a beautiful dog in our logo named Hugo. But you may wonder why we called a coffee roasting company after a dog and why that dog is so essential for us.

Coffee & Dog Blog

21 Coffee Terms to be a Coffee Sophisticate

Tasting Terms As wholesale coffee retailers, our team has tasted a LOT of coffee. Not only do we taste it, but as a coffee supplier, we have to find ways to describe the taste of our blends and products to our customers. How do we do this? By developing our...

Coffee & Dog Blog

What is the science behind why coffee can affect your productivity?

Whether it’s used for staying awake for a long night of work or waking you up first thing in the morning, coffee is universally hailed one of the world’s oldest and most natural pick-me-ups. We all know coffee makes you more awake and alert, but does it improve your...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Dog Stress Relief: The Do’s and Don’ts

You can probably easily think of a few things that cause you stress. Bills, social obligations, health problems, what to cook for dinner… just to name a few. While your dog doesn’t have the same stressors in his life as you, there are legitimate anxiety-causing things...

Coffee & Dog Blog

7 Ways You Can Support Dog Rescue

Animal rescue is one of the key missions of Hugo Coffee Roasters. Our company is dedicated to helping dogs and other animals find safety and love. Not only do we say we love dogs, but our coffee directly supports animal rescue by donating a percentage of our net...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Gift Guide for a Coffee Lover Mom

There’s a perfect coffee for every type of mom. Show her you care and find the perfect present by exploring our coffee lover mom gift guide today!

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