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What are the ecological impacts of the coffee industry?

While it may be one of the world’s most beloved drinks, coffee also puts a great strain on the environment. We asked coffee enthusiasts to discuss how traditional coffee-growing and processing methods effect the planet. Jamie Hickey, an SCA-certified barista and the...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Perfect Foods We Love To Pair With Coffee

One of the reasons coffee is adored around the world is its versatility. A good cup of coffee can complement a wide variety of foods, meals, and social settings. If you have gotten tired of the standard office donut with your coffee, this list is for you. Trying a new...

Coffee & Dog Blog

What coffee brewing mistakes do beginners make?

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee looks easy, right? If the barista at your local coffee shop can get it right day after day, cup after cup, surely you can too. While many coffee drinkers would agree that you can brew a great cup of coffee in the comfort of your own...

Coffee & Dog Blog

7 Rookie Coffee Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

1.) Use Old Beans Coffee’s unique taste is derived from a variety of delicate aromatic compounds. These compounds are vulnerable to light and oxygen. The second a bean is ground into powder, a clock starts ticking. Opening the sealed bag your coffee comes in makes the...

Coffee & Dog Blog

7 Delicious Ways to Use Coffee Beans in the Kitchen

1.) Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans There can’t be an easier snack to make at home, and finding a tastier treat is pretty difficult. Have you ever been to a coffee shop that gave you a chocolate-covered coffee bean with your drink? Skip the drive and make these at...

Coffee & Dog Blog

What makes a café exceptional?

The search for the perfect café is a real struggle for coffee enthusiasts. Great coffee is a good start but attracting customers that will keep coming back time and time again requires more. How can you determine if your café has what it takes to become the next...

Coffee & Dog Blog

How Do I Make Coffee On the Run?

Okay, you might not be “on the run” per se. The cops are probably not on your tail, but finding good coffee on the road can be hard. While gas station coffee certainly has its own hallowed place in the pantheon of things that aren’t actually good, but satisfy a...

Coffee & Dog Blog

The Incredible History of Coffeehouses

Coffee shops are a fixture across modern America. There are national chains, small shops, cafés, shacks, and stands on practically every corner. Regulars at coffee shops know that they aren’t just a place to get a cup of coffee; they’re a social environment. They can...

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